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Nuki Facial Epilator



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The Nuki is the perfect instrument for facial hair removal. Extract the hair from the root so that it does not grow so quickly. Ideal for removing hair that affects the face around the lips, cheekbones, chin ...
The Nuki gets a long lasting hair removal. It does not cut the hair, it makes it disappear, weakening the root.

How to use: Hold the Nuki by the sides and bend it until it takes the form of U, approach the hair to be removed, maintaining the U shape throughout the epilation. Then rotate rapidly and continuously in and out, at the same time must rise and fall in the opposite direction of hair growth.
It is recommended to stretch the skin around the lips using the tongue. For monthly cleaning it is enough to gently stretch the Nuki and blow. For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to use the Nuki personally.
Suitable for all skin types.


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Nuki Facial Epilator

Nuki Facial Epilator

Innovative system in facial hair removal.

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