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Helichrysia Hembra (14 ml)

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From the first inhalation the female helicrysia oil is surprising for its powerful respiratory action and then leave a soft and pleasant sensation.
It cleanses the sinuses, makes the mucus liquid, penetrates the respiratory system without aggression and reconnects with it.
It is particularly suitable for people with respiratory problems, asthmatics and allergy sufferers.
To prevent these discomforts, a few droplets can be applied to the wrists in the morning.

If the first symptoms appear, perform a massage on the chest with a few drops of female Helichrysa oil diluted in a vegetable oil or by making direct inhalations. It also helps to improve the breathing of the athletes before the effort through a massage.
Slightly invigorating the helicrysa acts on the spirit oxygenating it and helps to clarify the ideas.


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Helichrysia Hembra (14 ml)

Helichrysia Hembra (14 ml)

Powerful respiratory action.

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