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Croton Geayi (14 ml)

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It is usually used in local herbal medicine for the cough and digestive problems of children.
It is advised a small massage in the belly in case of digestive spasms.
Applying a few drops on the chest and neck soothes dry cough with spasms.
Children awakened by a nocturnal cough love their floral fragrance that reassures them.
During and after a cold massage at night a little Croton Geayi oil helps to revitalize the breath.

For tensed and contracted people a massage diluting a few drops in a vegetable oil (Tamanu, Argan, Inca Inchi, Pataua) comforts, unlocks nervous tensions, relieves muscular tensions, neuralgias and brings a feeling of tranquility, rest and peace .
Combines very well with katrafay essential oil.


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Croton Geayi (14 ml)

Croton Geayi (14 ml)

For cough and digestive problems.

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