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Niauli (14 ml)

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Essential oil with broad spectrum of remedies. Presents antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties.
Its expectorant power makes it suitable for the respiratory system. By inhalation relieves sinusitis.
In case of otitis, massage with droplets around the ear.
In the case of urinary or genital infections, droplets will be applied to the lower abdomen or by taking a few baths with a few drops in the water.
In the cosmetic field the antiseptic properties of niauli make it suitable for skin cleansing and acne and oily skin care. Highly recommended for the treatment of herpes.
Synergy with Issa essential oil, as a circulatory tonic and skin protector. It also blends very well with the essential oils of Ravintsara and Saro.


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Niauli (14 ml)

Niauli (14 ml)

Antiseptic, antibacterial.

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