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Iary (14 ml)



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The aroma of the essential oil of Iary resembles that of some conifers but with a warm and humid touch. Inhalation or chest application allows for a deep and deep breathing, as if the respiratory rate calms down and the feeling of oxygenation is intense but controlled.
The expectorant properties of the essential oil of Iary are accompanied by a regenerating, revitalizing and restorative effect which is advisable for asthmatics and people with weak respiratory capacity. It complements in that aspect with the essential oil of the female helichrysa.

It is also recommended for skin problems, calms the itching and irritation of psoriasis by combining it with macerated oil of sparkling or with ayurvedic balm.
It also recognizes anti-inflammatory properties for painful joints. In this case also can be combined with Tamanu oil or with balm of Madagascar.


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Iary (14 ml)

Iary (14 ml)

Expectorant properties.

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